Friday, July 24, 2015


Soren is a licensed driver!

Fort Worth Arts Festival.  Soren and Riley have gone together for 5 years!

Soren and Riley heading off to church camp in Colorado

 Yep.  Riley and Soren

Soren and Riley's Sweet 16 Party

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Bike Riding on the Trinity on a warm April day

Reese helping me with my biology lab

Reese is NJE All Star!

The Perot Museum

5th Grade Living Museum.  Reese was Walt Disney

During her 6th grade year, Reese was on Owl Call.  For their field trip they went to the broadcast studios on the UTA campus and learned how to use a green screen.

Reese's JCJV 2015 Spring Volleyball Season

 Trip to Shreveport for a tournament

Forth Worth Stock Show  January 19, 2015

Reese's 11th Birthday.  Paintball with Trinity, Ashton, and Avery